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300 King Park - 300 King Lower Basketball Court


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300 King Park
Castle in the Trees Playground
300 King Upper Court (Left)
300 King Lower Basketball Court
300 King Upper Court (Right)

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Facility Area Information

300 King Street
Littleton, MA 01460

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Fee Schedule
User Groups / Priority of Use:
Permits are issued based on the following priorities:
1) Town-Wide Special Events: This includes events such as Town-wide special events, memorial services, and community fairs. PRCE will issue permits for these events. The PRCE Assistant Director will communicate with the jurisdictional boards to determine if these events will impact previously scheduled athletic or permitted events.
2) School Use: The Littleton Public Schools have the priority use of the school owned grass fields over any other group, including the Youth Leagues. School Department use includes athletic games, practices, and other special events.
Coaches Clinics: Littleton School Department coaches who wish to run clinics must present a letter of support from the Athletic Director to the Recreation Director. Spring (April) vacation clinics must be booked by March 1. Coaches understand that spring clinics may be cancelled due to field conditions. Summer clinics must be booked by May 1.
3) Littleton Recreation Department Programs: Use of fields for camps, clinics and programs, which are run by the PRCE Department will have priority use of fields after the LPS. All attempts will be made to limit programs that run during youth sport seasons to the best of the ability of the PRCE department. The Recreation Department offers these programs in support of its general mission to provide affordable recreational activities for the community.
4.) Littleton Resident Youth Leagues: Youth Leagues will be allotted hours based on season and participant numbers. It is expected that these groups will work together to ensure equitable use of all fields, coordinate with any resident youth sport group utilizing fields and try to make accommodations for each other in the event of unforeseen scheduling changes during the season. Littleton Youth Leagues may also run in-house clinics for their members. Clinic times are limited to the days and times listed on their permit or a new permit must be issued.
5) Littleton Resident Adult Groups: Adult leagues or clubs (e.g. soccer clubs, running clubs, etc.) must be organized with the primary intention of supporting Town residents. Leagues or clubs may compete with teams from other Towns, but one Littleton team must be involved in the match. Leagues or clubs must give priority to Town residents when filling rosters. Littleton teams or clubs must be able to prove that 75% of the memberships are Littleton residents or are Town of Littleton employees. Team rosters must be turned in to the Recreation Director prior to the start of the season.
6) Littleton Resident – One-Time Use: The Town recognizes that residents may want to use grass fields or courts for one time uses such as birthday parties, neighborhood activities, etc.
7) Charitable Groups: If field space is available, as determined by the Park Commission, groups who are hosting an event to raise money for charity will be given a permit for a field for no fee.
8) Non-Resident Groups / Non Recreation Department Camps and Clinics: A non-resident group is defined as one whose membership is less than 80% Littleton residents or Town of Littleton employees. Use by non-residents will be limited to baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse, tennis, pickleball, and basketball. Use of fields or courts by non-resident groups will be dependent on conditions and availability. The Recreation Department may arrange for field use by outside camps during the summer months.
Fee Structure:
Field use fees are collected by the PRCE Department and are then segregated into accounts that are then used by DPW for field maintenance. Seasonal fees are charged for each season of use (spring, summer, and fall). Any surplus Youth League activity fees will be directed into a field maintenance reserve fund to support emergency repairs for Highway. Field maintenance fees may be expended by Public Works Park Staff after consultation with the Recreation Director. Seasonal reports will be given to the Sports Council on the uses of the field maintenance fees. The Park Commission sets the following as the fees to be collected:
1) Town Wide Special Events: No fee,
2) School Use: No fee,
3) School Coach(es) Clinics: $30 per participant,
4) Littleton Resident Youth Leagues: $30 per youth participant per season per sport.
5) Littleton Resident Youth League Clinics: $30 per participant,
6) Littleton Recreation Department Programs: No fee,
7) Multi-Purpose Field for Adult Sports: $30 per participant per season.
9) Littleton Resident – One-Time Use: Grass field or Court $50
10) Charitable Groups: No fee,
11) Non-Resident (Adults and Youth): Grass field or Court: $150;
12) Non-Recreation Department Camps: Grass field or Court: $35 per participant;
13) All field rentals that are not charged per participant are figured in increments of 1.5 hours.

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