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300 King Park - 300 King Upper Court (Left)


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300 King Park
Castle in the Trees Playground
300 King Upper Court (Left)
300 King Lower Basketball Court
300 King Upper Court (Right)

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Facility Area Information

300 King Street
Littleton, MA 01460

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Fee Schedule
Fee Structure:
Field use fees are collected by the PRCE Department and are then segregated into accounts that are then used by DPW for field maintenance. Seasonal fees are charged for each season of use (spring, summer, and fall). Any surplus Youth League activity fees will be directed into a field maintenance reserve fund to support emergency repairs for Highway. Field maintenance fees may be expended by Public Works Park Staff after consultation with the Recreation Director. Seasonal reports will be given to the Sports Council on the uses of the field maintenance fees. The Park Commission sets the following as the fees to be collected:
1) Town Wide Special Events: No fee,
2) School Use: No fee,
3) School Coach(es) Clinics: $30 per participant,
4) Littleton Resident Youth Leagues: $30 per youth participant per season per sport.
5) Littleton Resident Youth League Clinics: $30 per participant,
6) Littleton Recreation Department Programs: No fee,
7) Multi-Purpose Field for Adult Sports: $30 per participant per season.
9) Littleton Resident – One-Time Use: Grass field or Court $50
10) Charitable Groups: No fee,
11) Non-Resident (Adults and Youth): Grass field or Court: $150;
12) Non-Recreation Department Camps: Grass field or Court: $35 per participant;
13) All field rentals that are not charged per participant are figured in increments of 1.5 hours.

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