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Kids Cooking Green

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Kids Cooking Green
Kids Cooking Green offers a series of camps, classes, and activities introducing children to the importance of eating locally grown food.

Through hands-on cooking and lively classroom presentations, students learn about nutrition and the positive impact eating locally can have on the environment, and their bodies.

Yes, Dr. Seuss, there are green eggs, and brown eggs, and blue eggs. We will cook with local colorful eggs and talk about the different chickens that they come from. We also work with a chicken farmer who can bring in chickens for the students to meet.
Day 2:
Learn about the role of bees in our food and then cook with local honey! Kids will make and eat homemade granola (nut free), and then make their own yogurt-granola parfait. Delicious and nutritious.
Day 3:
Noodles, Noodles
Learn how fun it is to make pasta dough from scratch using local eggs and semolina flour. Roll and then cut your own noodles and make a delicious nut-free pesto to eat with the pasta.
Day 4:
Farmers Market Pizza
We take a favorite food and “greenify” it. First, we’ll learn about how eating colorful foods helps our bodies. Then we’ll roll out pizza dough and top it with colorful ingredients.
Day 5:
Breakfast for Dinner It is a breakfast for dinner birthday party! Waffles with Homemade Ice Cream and local fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice! Learn to flip an egg, make an over-easy egg, or an egg in a basket and other fun cooking techniques! Come cook with us, and prepare a delicious breakfast to be eaten at the end of cooking!

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